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Solutions for MULTI-CURRENCY E-WALLET , Masternode - Development, Support, MN Hosting, MN Monitoring, Shared pool for MN and POS, Watch Dogs, Dedicated VPS's Provider.

About MNpro

MNPROStory behind takeover

"MNpro is specifically designed to assist our customer’s in meeting their financial goals. We utilize cutting-edge blockchain technology and innovative investment strategies to provide masternode solutions and support to our valuable customers."

Benefits with new chain :
We have a unique MN/POS reward plan with a stepping collateral and more! Its designed to avoid the mistakes inherent in the original MNpro MN wallet rewards system. And with a masternode community of over 1000 strong we believe this will be a hit and should benefit all partners such as the exchanges, both previous and future. Many new incentives are being developed now and should make MNpro v2.2.2.0 an exciting masternode project to become involved with. We have created a “round table” from within the community to serve as a guidance team and insure project activities are moving in the right directions and insure proper communications go out to the community in a clear and concise fashion. Please join us today and get on board with a project that is quickly shaping up to be one of the best!

Projected Platforms


MN Monitoring

Price updates every minute. Nodes count and blockcount every 15 minutes. ROI calculated basing on actual coin blockchain data for the last 24h.

Multiple Coin E-wallet

MNpro E-wallet is a guide to the crypto world created to simplify crypto specifics and make access to coins easier. The MNro E-wallet includes dedicated wallets for your cryptocurrencies available on Android and iOS, as well as a Crypto Wallet app with a easy web interface.


Fully automated shared masternode hosting and MN hosting through our platform or API.

Dedicated VPS's Provider.

Mnpro going to start a social vps hosting platform based on blockchain technology aimed at creating a strong community around it and offering high-tech services

Support System

As we are offering all MN solution, for greate service we have to create a Support system for our client. We will form a service support department from our community members. Flexible working hours and decent pay.

our way

Road Map

July 18th 2019
Community take-over
July 21st 2019
Formed Community round table
July 22nd 2019
Launch windows wallet.
July 23rd 2019
Lauch New explorer of MNpro v2.
Launch our website.
July 24st 2019
Public masternode launch
May 2020
End of Public masternode launch
Pay for listing on, and Hire a Marketing Agency.
July 2020
The release of MNpro beta version of GTA SAMP server.
August 2020
Sept 2020
Sept 2020
Q4 2020
  • Lauching of Multi coin webwallet with 2FA security.
  • Web wallet android and ios app.

Mobile app

MNpro multicoin E-wallet app


  • Fast transaction
  • Easy Manage you Cryptos
  • Send/Receive in fraction of second ith QR Codes
  • Comfortable
  • Secure with OTP

Awesome services

How it Works?


Follow one of the links and buy your MNPR on your favorite exchange.

Download wallet

Download your wallet for your particular operating system.

Make Masternodes

Use your MNPR to setup masternodes to support the blockchain

Buy or sell

Use your MNpro currency to buy or sell on exchange and make profit. You can use MNPR to use our Services.

Our data

Coin Details

  • Coin Name: MNpro
  • Ticker: MNPR
Hash Algo X11
Coin type MN/POS
Max Supply 50.000,000
  • Block time: 60 sec
  • Masternode collateral: 15000 MNPR
  • p2p port: 30228
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